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Let MISSNTOUCH THERAPY bring the ZEN & SPA to you!

(Service locations may vary and not pictured)

Swedish Detox  Massage

A relaxing massage to help you flush toxins and improve your circulation. Easing your muscles and nourishing your body with special blends of oils. 

Take a deep breathe in and let go.

60mins $100.00

90mins $120.00

Deep Releasing Tissue Massage

A massage modality that may or may not use oil to go deeper into the muscles addressing the issues in the tissues such as your muscular knots to help ease those tighter areas. 

60mins - $120.00

90mins - $130.00

Pinoy Hilot Massage

An ancient Traditional Filipino style massage generationally passed down, performed by stepping on you with specialist feet by comfortably laying on a padded mat on the floor, this intense massage will surely increase your flexibility and make you breathe!

60mins - $150.00

Cupping Therapy

Release further stress with this form of Traditional Chinese Cupping using silicone cups to glide over your body with ease, assisting in bringing the blood to the surface and improving muscular restrictions.

Enhancement - $40

60mins - $120

Foot Reflexology

Indulge in a special foot massage that adresses all the organs of the body through the feet. Using a cooling massage essence, this treatment will leave you feeling so much lighter.

Enhancement - $30

30mins - $40

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Private Practice Session

Have a V.I.P experience by booking an Integrated Session. 

(Private Practice location is not disclosed until session is confirmed and booked)

All Private Practice sessions are by appointment only, located in the heart of the French Quarter.

Unique to each individual, Zi can help cleanse your aura with an energetic sweeping/flicking technique also known as "energy pulling" to help you release energies that no longer serve you. Leaving you feeling lighter!

May also perform some lengthening with passive range of motion techniques to help loosen up those tight muscle fibers & tiny ligaments to improve elasticity & flow. 

Followed by scanning the body for the muscular issues with touch to assess and massage those muscles in knead.

All services include aroma therapy & other spa enhancements to elevate the mood and improve the senses for the session.

90mins $100 for an Integrated Spa Experience.

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Monthly Memebership Options

Self Care is the best care with these monthly exclusive treatments.

Self Care Sesh

Maintining self care massage appointments will keep you balanced and tension free. Whether you want a tranquil moment to relax or have paticular muscular issues, finding time for yourself every month is the best way to get away from the chaos to love yourself.

Two 90mins sessions a month $150.00

Release Those Issues Sesh

Also speacializing in physical & emotional truamas, Zi can assist in some of those isuse that may remain "stuck or stagnant" in Qi/Energy and flow. These intense sessions maybe what you need to get some restrictions and adhesions in those muscles to release the fibers, muscular strain and sometimes emotions from traumas that we unknowingly hold onto.

Give Yourself Some Love By Breathing & Letting Go.

1st monthly session 150mins w/

2nd monthly session 

90mins $295

All monthly sessions can be gifted in advance, to family & friends if not able to make it to scheduled appointment.

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MISSNTOUCH 504-722-0765